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Caterpillar Nursery has been designed to provide the highest standards of teaching and care for your child, through spacious and modern learning spaces fitted out to international standards. This includes large indoor and outdoor spaces, equipped to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children from 0 to 4 years of age.


We have well equipped rooms with a wide range of books and resources. Children are encouraged to be creative and use their imaginations, with the teaching day revolving around activity areas and child-centered learning.

Floor space is larger than is typical, providing plenty of room for children to move about and play creatively. The rooms are flooded with natural light to ensure a modern, stimulating environment.

Furniture and Equipment

Furniture is purpose-designed for an early years teaching environment. The majority is constructed from warm, natural timber and specially imported from the UK.

You will not find rows of desks and chairs, as this is counter to our philosophy of the best early years education. Instead, you will find activity areas set up for role play, art and craft, reading and construction. The classroom layout is designed to stimulate the child’s interest and encourage imaginative play, with interest areas such as light boxes, water trays, sensory objects, areas for counting / sorting / improving fine motor skills.

Dining Area

A dedicated dining area is available for snack times, where the children sit down to eat as a group. This ensures children do not have to eat in their classrooms, while also introducing them to the social norms of sitting down to eat collectively.

The outside play areas have extensive shading and special safety flooring. They contain ride-on toys, role play equipment, water play and a large sandpit. These areas assist children to develop physically with room to move about, play games and explore the world around them.

The large play equipment is sourced from Europe to ensure it is robust and built to the highest safety standards.

A separate building from the main school houses an auditorium. This is used for performances by the children, special events and parents’ days. We also use this space to provide a service to the wider Abu Dhabi community through hosting regular coffee mornings for new mothers, arranging talks by external experts on child-related matters and birthday parties.